Update VMware ESXi using Putty

Make sure SSH is Enabled. Install/Update from datastore1:

If you get [DependencyError], remove the corresponding packages.


Fix PowerEdge T430 PERC H730P Adapter with VMware 6.5

The Small Footprint CIM Broker Daemon (SFCBD) is running, but no data has been reported. You may need to install a CIM provider for your storage adapter.

– Download: VMW-ESX-6.5.0-lsiprovider-500.04.V0.71-0004-9942010.zip / Mirror
– Extract and upload VMW-ESX-6.5.0-lsiprovider-500.04.V0.71-0004-offline_bundle-9942010.zip to datastore1
– Run:

iDRAC ESXi 7.0:

OpenManage + iDRAC ESXi 6.0:

OpenManage + iDRAC ESXi 5.1:

Check the result:
Message: Operation finished successfully.
Reboot Required: true/false

List installed vSphere Installation Bundles:

Remove VIB e.g. OpenManage:

Compatible Systems:

PowerEdge R220/230
PowerEdge R320/330
PowerEdge R415/420/430/440
PowerEdge R515/520/530/540
PowerEdge R610/620/630/640
PowerEdge R710/715/720/730/740
PowerEdge R810/815/820/830
PowerEdge R910/920/930/940
PowerEdge T130
PowerEdge T320/330
PowerEdge T420/430/440
PowerEdge T610/620/630/640
PowerEdge T710