Windows 10 unattended installation

Create directory structure:

Chrome > F12 > 3 dots > More tools > Network conditions > User agent: BlackBerry
Download Windows 10 ISO:

Copy extracted drivers to C:\Unattended\Drivers
Open ISO and copy install.wim and boot.wim from sources to C:\Unattended\ISO

Get correct Index value:

ImageIndex: 5
ImageName: Windows 10 Pro

ImageIndex: 2
ImageName: Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)

Mount install.wim (or boot.wim if you need network or storage drivers during Windows setup:

Add drivers:

Add DefAppAssoc.xml in C:\Unattended and set Default App Associations:

Unmount install.wim or boot.wim:

Create USB from ISO using Rufus
Add autounattend.xml to root
Overwrite install.wim and/or boot.wim in sources