Spotweb installation in jail

Install the following packages:

Execute the following commands:

Configure MySQL:

Configure Lighthttpd:

Edit the following:

Add this to the bottom of the file:

Enable fast-cgi module by removing #:

Edit fastcgi.conf:

Edit the lighttpd mime configuration by adding the following to the array:

Optional, enable the API

Change server.modules to:

Add, somewhere under “## Filename/File handling”

END Optional, enable the API

Test the Lighthttpd config:

Edit php.ini-development and save as php.ini

Start Ligthttpd

Spotweb installation

Run Spotweb installation and configuration:

Install php5-extensions using ports:

Add the following extensions to the default selection:

Run retrieve for the first time:

To update to latest version and run upgrade-db:

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